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There are 3 programs for children that are run in the swimming pool Aquarama between 10.00 and 12.00. All classes are held under the direct supervision of the instructor and with the help of Divemasters. We will meet 20 minutes earlier to discuss organizational matters. Children have access to the swimming pool together with a guardian who can participate in the activities all the time as an observer.


- for children over 8 years. The classes included one swimming pool where the child has the opportunity to take his first underwater breath. At the swimming pool he learns the basic principles of diving, about diving equipment and has the opportunity to dive to max. depth of 2 meters.
The PADI Bubblemaker can be as a one-time diving adventure or children can continue their adventure during Seal Team classes.
The child receives the Bubblemarker diploma.


- for children over 8 years. It's the program that includes 5 activities in the swimming pool. Children are taking part in missions, learn basic diving skills, such as breathing under water, cleaning the regulator from water, cleaning the mask, swimming with neutral buoyancy and basic rules of underwater safety. At the same time, the child takes part in many games and activities with other children. Before each mission, the children participate in a short theoretical meeting. Dives take place at max. depth of 4 meters.
The child receives a Seal Team diploma.



- for children over 10 years of age.
It is a full course where the child learns the theory of diving, passes quizzes and the final exam. At the same time, he or she takes part in swimming pool activities, completing all the exercises that are required on the course. After the pool classes begin open water classes. There are 6 dives. The last is to 12 meters deep. This is the max. the depth at which children 10-11 year olds can dive after completing the course, of course under the control diver over 18 years old.
The child receives the PADI Open Water Diver Junior certificate, valid all over the world.

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